Three Bottles Höfflin

We drink a bottle of Souvignier Gris 2022, a bottle of Pinot Gris Phonolith 2019 and a bottle of Pinot Noir Traubenkirsche 2017 from the Höfflin winery in Baden.


Three Bottles Bäder

We drink a Pinot Gris Brut 2021, a bottle of Blanc de Noirs 2022 and a Riesling La Roche 2021 from the Bäder Winery in Rheinhessen.


Three Bottles Peter Wagner

We drink a Müller Thurgau Vom Löss 2021, a Pinot Gris Oberrotweil 2019 and a Pinot Noir Alte Reben 2019 from the Peter Wagner winery to conclude the small Baden series.