Two Bottles Rudolf May

We drink from Franconia from the winery Rudolf May a bottle of Silvaner Retzstadt Der Schäfer 2021 and a bottle of Pinot Noir Retzstadt Langenberg from 2020.


Three Bottles Weingut Am Stein

We drink from the winery Am Stein a bottle of Scheurebe Stetten 2021, a bottle of Silvaner Würzburger Stein 2020 and a bottle of Pinot Noir Würzburger Innere Leiste 2018.


Three Bottles Johanniter

It continues with PiWis. We drink three different Johanniter: Kabinett 2016 from Weingut Zang, J 2018 from Dom Bliskowice and Steillage Muschelkalk 2017 from Weinbau Kraemer.