Enderle & Moll and [trub:stoff]

For the start of december we drink two wines from the Moll family. A bottle of Kerner fiore 2022 from Enderle & Moll and a PetNat Propeller 2022 from [trub:stoff].


Two Bottles Johner

We drink a bottle of Weisser Burgunder and Chardonnay 2021 and a blue Pinot Noir from 2019 from the Johner winery in Baden.


Two Bottles Dautel

We drink a bottle of Chardonnay 2021 from Dautel from Württemberg and a bottle of Lemberger 2020 from the Bönnigheimer Sonnenberg.


Three Bottles Höfflin

We drink a bottle of Souvignier Gris 2022, a bottle of Pinot Gris Phonolith 2019 and a bottle of Pinot Noir Traubenkirsche 2017 from the Höfflin winery in Baden.