Three Silvaner from Iphofen

We drink three Silvaners from Iphofen in our glass: From the Hans Wirsching Winery an Iphöfer Kronsberg 2018, from the Johann Ruck Winery an Iphöfer Kalb 2017 and from the Weigand Winery a Der Echter Berg from 2017.


Three Bottles Eymann

We are having three wines from Eymann located in Gönnheim: A Riesling Sekt Extra Brut, a Silvaner Fumé from 2017 and a Riesling Alte Reben from 2018.


Three Bottles Griesel

We drink three sparkling wines from different vintages from Sekthaus Griesel: a Rosé from 2016, a Riesling from 2017 and the Grande Cuvée from 2015.