In front of the usual introduction a few words of explanation for our english speaking readers. The closest translation I seem to find to Saufwein is plonk. It describes a cheap, low-quality wine but is not always used in a negative way but sometimes can be more of an admiration of the low-effort drinking qualities of a bottle of wine that was empty far too fast. A Grosses Gewächs as the german Grand Cru is supposed to be the opposite end of the scale and I like to live somewhere in between. There will be a lot of german wine vocabulary even in the english articles like Gutswein, Ortswein, Auslese and so on and I may take some time someday and explain them more in depth. For now we just have to live with it.

The first consciously drunk bottle of wine was a Merlot from South Tyrol by Elena Walch. The label was nice and after a few years on the shelf, I didn’t really drink wine, then the surprise. Tastes good after all. But I have no idea anymore what it actually tasted like. Even if it wasn’t that long ago. To support the memory and to share the experience I started blog. I mostly write in german but I aim to translate everything I write to english too.

From Gutswein to Grosses Gewächs I have the habit to buy only one bottle at a time. Too much wine in this world, too little liver capacity. And I need my liver to last a few more decades. Anyway, I don’t really know my way around the wine world and there is still a lot to discover. There must be room for new things in the cellar. I know, I know. Could have TCA at the perfect time. So better always buy three bottles. One for now, one bottle for later and the third if the second one is a bit weird. Spittoons would also be a solution, but I am a Swabian. So I write down how the wine tasted, what happened around it and sometimes also what food was served. And if it was really good, or I already know about the qualities of the wine, really cool stuff in the glass, then I’ll put a bottle of it in the cellar. Or sometimes even three.

The blog has no commercial intentions. Normally I buy and pay for my stuff myself. Just like a grown-up person does. If someone should have the idea to give me something as a present or invite me, it will be clearly marked. I also take the pictures by myself. This means you have to live with blurry pictures and strange compositions.

I write about what I like. Every article reflects my opinion. There is and was no influence on the content of the articles.