Salwey - Spätburgunder RS 2015

We drink a Spätburgunder RS 2015 from the Salwey winery.

This time we have Spätburgunder from Baden, more precisely from the Kaiserstuhl. The grapes for the Spätburgunder RS, ReServe, from the Salwey winery are grown there in the vineyards around Oberrotweil. The wine is classified as a VDP.Ortswein and was harvested in 2015, so it is already a tiny bit matured. The vines stand on former volcanoes in the rather warm Kaiserstuhl climate. The Pinot Noir is fully matured in barriques with an equal distribution of new, second-year and older barrels. Wines from Baden (or Württemberg) are in our household always a part of international understanding between the better half from Baden and me, whereby it is of course clear without any discussion where it is nicer in the Ländle. If you, as an international reader, didn’t know: There is some kind of old rivalry between Baden and Württemberg. Nevertheless, it’s a lot of fun to taste wines from all over Baden-Württemberg, especially since we’re on the road more often in both regions anyway, which makes it easy to plan visits to wine growers along the way. Completely unplanned, however, was the food pairing to the homemade Maultaschen. Whether that was a good idea later, now with the wine.

Immediately after opening, the nose switches between undergrowth and fruit cooked with spices. On the tongue it is fine, elegant and cool. Cellar cold, starting from the first sip, the wine is fun. The tannin is well integrated, soft, playful and goes well with the fine fruit. The fruit becomes fresher and fresher throughout the evening, the wine becomes cooler in its aroma. Rather hibiscus than strawberry now and even though the fine note of undergrowth is always preserved, the RS now feels very young. The structure becomes more robust without losing its elegance.

After a night in the fridge it changes again. The wine becomes more earthy, has more character now. More crisp in acidity and what happened on the first evening continues. The tannin is getting stronger, there is now cherry, plum and a few dark berries. We really like that. On this second evening, the Maultaschen are served. Home-made and filled with spinach, beef and a little cheese in the (also home-cooked) meat broth. Wine was not planned at all. But the glass that was still there anyway was surprisingly well-fitting. The then even clearer fruit is a great, additional facet and I can imagine that it would have been even more fun one day later with the Maultaschen leftovers fried with egg. But unfortunately there was no wine left.

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