roterfaden - Lemberger 2018

We drink a 2018 Lemberger from the winery roterfaden from Württemberg.

Another winery, where we will definitely stop by as soon as it is possible again. We are having regional wine again. What is very unusual after the last wines from Württemberg on this blog, however, is that the grapes for the wine are not grown in the Rems valley this time, but near Vaihingen an der Enz. There, Olympia Samara and Hannes Hoffmann grow Lemberger, Riesling and Pinot Noir on about two hectares. The Lemberger takes up most of their area and we will drink the entry-level Lemberger this time. At the roterfaden winery, wine is produced ecologically and with a lot of manual labour. The Lemberger grapes are fermented spontaneously in open wood barrels, the wine then matures in used wood barrels and is then bottled with little sulphur and without filtration. Even in a year as warm as 2018, the Lemberger only has 11 percent alcohol.

After opening, the wine appears reserved, some clove perhaps, cool aromas, a little spice and a pretty nice purple in the glass, which the picture does not do justice to at all. The fruit is subtle and light red. From the first sip, freshness comes to the tongue. There is life in the acidity and in the wine. Cool fruit tea, fine, slim and a little bit of tannin. Nevertheless, all this seems a bit aloof, distanced. This changes in the course of the first hours, fortunately. The wine shows more and in all facets. The acidity becomes more fruity, riper, there is more fruit, fresh berries, especially currants can be both smelled and tasted. This drinks quite well.

A day later, the fruit is accompanied by a light note of smoke and a bit of beetroot. But the wine remains compact, cool and elegant. Fortunately, the tannin does not fall apart as it sometimes does with red naturals. There is freshness, zero sweetness, the wine is fully fermented with almost 0 grams of residual sugar after all, the clove is back and if you make an effort, even more spices from Christmas bakery smells. Plus an idea of liquorice, cherry, fresh cranberries and other red fruits. This is so precise and is enormously supported by the freshness. The Lemberger is really a lot of fun. A successful introduction to the collection, which we have already tried out at trade fairs but absolutely must try it out at home as well.

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