Clemens Busch - Marienburg Falkenlay 2016

This time we drink a Riesling Marienburg Falkenlay from 2016 by Clemens Busch.

One of the most beautiful stops on our last visit to the Moselle was with Clemens Busch. The manor house in Pünderich located right by the Moselle, directly opposite of the Marienburg vineyards, with interesting guest wineries in the pleasantly cool cellar rooms and a great food station. What more could you want. Full indulgence in memories with this wine. We are drinking a 2016 Riesling GG Marienburg Falkenlay. Clemens Busch ferments the wines he harvests from the steep slopes spontaneously, works biologically and then gives them time to develop in the cellar.

The Rieslings of Clemens Busch have a reputation of being rather strong and the intensity is already noticeable in the first sip. Cool, yellow fruit, mango, peach, a lot of pull and length on the palate. From the first sip there is a lot of pressure behind it. Mineral, salty, full extract. Not necessarily dancing filigree what we have here in the glass. But the wine is in no way blatantly clumsy. The fruit is beautiful and just for that you lift the glass again and again to the nose and the power on the tongue is an experience. And its mouthwatering juicy as well.

After a few hours throughout the first evening the Riesling gains in precision. We smell tangerine, a few nuts, then comes orange and more and more minerality. Especially at the back of the tongue you can feel the wet stone and its structure. Fresh grapefruit, now almost oily in the mouth and always this typical Moselle minerality. Ones taste is strongly dependent on the daily form, but today this wine fits it perfectly.

One day later the fruit feels darker, is more difficult to grasp and seems more ripe. In the mouth, the wine is now almost opulent and quite velvety. Rosemary and other herbs join the nose. To me this is a great wine. Certainly not for every day and not really suited for summer either, but when the days are getting shorter again and there is a slight chill in the evening, then we have the ideal companion in our glasses.

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