Scheuermann - Rosé 2018

We drink from the clay bottle a Palatinate Rosé from the Scheuermann Winery from 2018.

Wine made from grapes. Free wines. Wine as it has grown. All sentences with which the brothers Gabriel and Simon Scheuermann describe what they do themselves. Since 2009 the two have been growing their own wines in Niederkirchen in the Palatinate, and since 2012 they have been doing it organically. The focus is on nature, healthy vineyards, healthy vines and therefore healthy grapes. And the result is then brought to the bottles and then into the glass with a lot of craftsmanship and as little intervention as possible. This time we are drinking a Rosé from the clay bottle. Palatinate Landwein. It consists of 80% Pinot Noir, the rest is Merlot.

Immediately after uncorking, the wine is still a bit sparkling and bubbles more into the glass than it flows. I love the colour. The nose however is a mystery. Extremely difficult to grasp, dark, but at the same time very fresh, with lots of structure and depth. Dense, a little bit of lactic acid fermented vegetable, hardly any fruit. In the mouth then red berries, strong acidity, much more freshness than the fragrance had already announced anyway. Somehow light, but somehow not. Lots of substance, lots of grip on the tongue. We have trouble finding something to nail the wine down to. On top of that, it changes a lot and with more air it also changes towards more structure and grip on the tongue.

Actually, the wine was not intended for eating. We had minced meat with garlic, ginger, no, lots of garlic and lots of ginger, Sambal Oelek, seasoned with soy sauce, and served with pasta. Rather strong in aroma, but the Rosé not only doesn’t go under, but with its great berry fruit and structure it is so enriching that the planned amount of wine for the first evening simply disappears and we summon up all the willpower we need to even reach a second evening. A real help is to take the wine directly from the fridge and to see how much is still left using condensation on the clay bottle.

On the second evening, the wine needs air as well. You will be rewarded for this. In terms of structure and mouthfeel, this is one of the most exciting rosés that have ever been on the table and it works so well on its own and also with food. The nose alone, I still can’t get a good grip on it. A bit of natural wine with the apple skin, a bit dark, meanwhile a lot of pomegranate, very dark berries and a thousand other things. In addition, the fresh acidity, the clear fruit in the mouth and then the mouth feeling. Big. I’ll buy again.

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