Two Bottles Vorgrimmler

We drink a Chardonnay and a Cabernet Blanc from the Vorgrimmler Winery from 2018.

By two podcasts we were gently pushed independently in the direction of today’s two wines. This time we are drinking a bottle of Chardonnay and a Cabernet Blanc from 2018 from the Vorgrimmler Winery. We had never heard of the Vorgrimmler Winery until a bottle of really great Pinot Noir from them appeared in a package of WRINT Flaschen podcast wines. How fitting that the winery also offers a PIWI (fungus-resistant) grape variety in the form of Cabernet Blanc. Since the #PiWiChallenge was announced in February in the Blindflug podcast, we have been trying to buy a bottle of the newly cultivated grape varieties wherever we can and see if there is anything interesting. The Bronner from Zang has already clearly proven that it is possible to make beautiful discoveries. The Vorgrimmler Winery has been producing its wines ecologically for over 30 years and cultivates mainly Burgundy varieties near Freiburg.

We start with the Chardonnay, but at least in the nose it is not yet very motivated to participate. Very restrained feels the yellow, ripe fruit, somehow in the direction of mango and a little coconut. On the tongue there is more happening, especially structure in the wine. Air and a little bit of temperature have a motivating effect and the fruit becomes clearer. The better half smells ribwort, slightly herbaceous, and there is creaminess both in the nose and on the tongue.

A night in the fridge takes the fruit one level ahead. Now pome fruit is there, apple, a little pear next to it and the herbaceous, floral aromas also benefit. But the fragrance is never really expressive. But it really turns up the heat on the tongue. Intense, buttery creaminess, the fruit, structure at the edges of the tongue and a touch of bitter just before swallowing. One continues drinking immediately.

The Cabernet Blanc needs no boost. We start off with grape must, but that quickly fades away and peach and a bit of sandalwood are there now. In the mouth it’s slightly creamy at first, then the acidity takes hold and it really becomes very herbal and juicy at the back of the tongue. Apple-herbal lemonade, a few green notes, some minerality. In the nose passion fruit joins the party. Blindly I would say Sauvignon Blanc. In any case, the wine is quite easy to drink and becomes more and more intense. Less lemonade, more herbs, some tree resin, more fruit. A little more and it would be too much for me, but just the way it is, it is somehow quite good.

Overnight the herbiness actually increases again. Everything from the first evening comes over again to give a quick hello. The apple must, the apple peel, the herb and apple lemonade, then the wood and then comes the Sauvignon Blanc notes with the passion fruit and green pepper. Always accompanied by a nice acidity. Not really the elegant meditation wine, but the strong individual aromas all fit together well and give an exciting overall picture. This is how PiWi is a lot of fun!

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