Wasenhaus - Spätburgunder 2017

We drink from Wasenhaus the entry Spätburgunder from 2017.

After liking the Gutedel so much already, we enter the world of Pinot Noir at Wasenhaus today. Of course, the wine comes from the same philosophy, which means little intervention in the cellar with a lot of manual work in the vineyard and everywhere else to be finally bottled as Baden Landwein.

I fetched the bottle out of the cellar a day earlier, uncorked it, poured a sample sip and then put it back in the fridge, closed with a stopper. From the sample sip, a juicy cherry fruit flies straight to you, very clean, clear, with a little wood, a little tannin, but all very slim, delicate, fresh. In the mouth still slightly rough, with nice acidity, juicy. The gruffness clearly diminishes after the first minutes in the air. For a short time I think about drinking the bottle immediately.

But then I stayed true to the plan and the night in the fridge did him good. There is more forest soil, more earthiness. Almost a slight stink, but then the fruit comes again. Very clear, fresh, juicy, there’s lots of cherry, maybe some pomegranate on top. Nothing is gruff any more, only a stimulating edge just before swallowing is left. When slightly chilled, this is a real pleasure. It can be celebrated, but you can also slurp away comfortably. Especially with homemade pizza, it is great fun. The fruit comes out even more beautifully and the slight edge gives enough power not to lose against the meal.

One glass was left in the bottle and allowed to go back into the fridge for another night. And on the third day after opening, the fruit recedes more into the background. The earthiness, the forest floor, the undergrowth become more noticeable. But the cherry never disappears. It is so fine, so elegant and playful. One bottle is still in the cellar. Let’s see how long the patience lasts to try it with a little more maturity. I look forward to it.

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