Johann Ruck - Myophorium 2009

We drink a Silvaner from the Johann Ruck winery from Iphofen harvested in 2009, which was given a lot of time.

Today’s bottle is a souvenir from Iphofen, named after a layer of soil in the Gipskeuper. The 2009 Silvaner Myophorium from the Johann Ruck Winery is matured in wood and is given plenty of time to develop before being sold.

In the glass, the wine initially presents itself as a light stinker, rather reserved, rather dark. It needs some time to develop and with air it offers more aroma: integrated but still clearly noticeable wood, apricot, some minerality. In the mouth very long, concentrated, the time the wine has had is noticeable. There is clove, extract on the tongue, when drinking, boiled fruit comes into the nose. Apricot jam. In the mouth less wood, in the nose more distinct, dense. Unfortunately, the acidity seems to have been lost a little bit, the edge is missing or at least something that can stand up to the concentrated aromas. The freshness is missing. Honey on the nose, but somehow it also has more mellow notes. The wine is interesting in any case.

On the second evening it is spicier, the acidity is more apparent, the wine is more open, complex, smoke, some bacon perhaps, the apricot of the first evening has completely disappeared and at most one note of overripe apple is left. In the finish slightly alcoholic, fills the mouth, potato soup, diced bacon and enormous length. It is nice to see what you can make out of Silvaner. Personally, I miss a bit of the excitement, the better half liked it quite a bit though.

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