Lukas Hammelmann - Hochstadt 2018

We drink a Riesling Hochstadt from the Zeiskamer Weinmanufaktur 3M2N by Lukas Hammelmann from the year 2018.

Only about 600 bottles of today’s wine were made and sold by allocation. One could therefore say that this is quite a rarity in the glass today. Lukas Hammelmann did not launch his first collection until 2016. It is nice that a few bottles found their way into the cellar at home during the allocation. The curiosity about the hype around the winemaker and the tiny quantities then tempted me to open one of the bottles. We drink a Riesling Hochstadt, the Ortswein of the current vintage 2018 of the Zeiskamer Weinmanufaktur 3M2N by Lukas Hammelmann.

The first nose has relatively much alcohol, freshly uncorked and poured you get the feeling that the wine has not really caught on yet. A bit of swirrling and then smell again. Better, much better! Now here comes green apple, stone fruit in the form of apricots, maybe some mirabelle, nice Riesling nose. In the mouth then a fresh acidity, full and long with a nice structure on the palate and great drinking flow. After the initial difficulties, the wine has levelled off. It stays on the tongue for a long time, has floral notes, pineapple, elderflower in the nose, unripe mango, in the mouth some stone. In the course of the evening, intense creaminess is joining the mouthfeel, a note of apple pie on the nose and even more exotic fruit on the palate. You can simply drink away.

There was not much development towards the second day, but that is not tragic either, because it was already a nice wine on the first day and it has remained so. I’m happy for the winegrower that this wine sells so quickly, even if it makes it very difficult to get hold of it again. I will try to get a few bottles next year as well.

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