Dautel - Steingrüben 2016

We drink a Riesling from Bönnigheim in Württemberg: the Steingrüben from 2016 from the Dautel Winery.

Today, after quite some time, we are having a wine from Württemberg again, which means local wine for us. We are drinking a Riesling from the Dautel Winery, the Steingrüben from 2016. The grapes for the Grosses Gewächs are fermented spontaneously in wooden barrels and allowed to mature on the lees for about seven months.

The first nose has a lot of flint, but otherwise it is rather closed immediately after opening. A small acetone note can be noticed in the background. In the mouth the wine directly has strength, a lot of spice with a nice juiciness provides a lot of tension on the palate. On the nose it is almost vegetable, some smoke from the wood, but changes a lot in the glass and constantly brings new aromas to the air. We give it some time. Then fruit joins the nose, yellow, peachy, reminiscent in a nostalgic way of glue from primary school, but that quickly fades away, with a little marzipan in the background. The flint of the first nose recedes, passion fruit is added, but the intense spice in the mouth is always preserved. The real fun today is in the mouthfeel.

With one more day of air the taste intensifies. The flint seems to have disappeared completely and when it opens up with temperature, it really gets going. On the palate still strong, now smells like apple, a little bit of citrus fruit, the acidity is more cutting edge than on the first evening. In addition, there are minerals on the tongue, which with the acidity makes you want to have sip after sip. The wine wants to be drunk and yet there is a lot of depth, a lot of room for attention. Without ever being able to say 100% what you are smelling, you can’t get your nose out of the glass either. This is complex, exciting and makes you want more. Great wine.

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