Bassermann-Jordan - Forster Ungeheuer Ziegler 2017

Today's wine from the Geheimer Rat Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan winery comes from the Forster Ungeheuer, or more precisely the Ziegler. A Riesling from the year 2017.

The Forster Ziegler used to be a site in its own right, which then merged with the Forster Ungeheuer. However, the Bassermann-Jordan winery from Deidesheim is making wine from the two vineyards separately again since 2012. The Ungeheuer as a Grosse Lage and the Ziegler as Erste Lage and thus somewhat more affordable. The wine we drink this time comes from said vineyard and was harvested in 2017. It fermented spontaneously in a big wooden barrel and was then left on the lees until filling.

Immediately after unscrewing the bottle, the wine in the glass is rather reserved in the nose, yellow notes, ripe apple, a little sweetish pear and a certain creaminess, but all in all rather closed. In the mouth the fruit is less ripe than in the nose, the sweet note gives way to a freshness and a long mineral structure on the palate. Lots of extract, bitter notes, in the nose an idea of honeydew melon, in the mouth very clear, rather sparse, at the very back there is a trace of smoke, certainly from the wooden barrel. Very young. With more air in the course of the first evening the wine opens up, becomes fuller, more fruit, grapefruit, apple, more play between the bitterness, the acidity at the edges of the tongue and the ripe fruit.

On the second day even fuller, stronger, more power. On the palate it is much more present, has more depth and complexity, the fruit becomes darker in aroma, the minerality and the extract hold up well against it. The wine is now really long, no trace of the sparseness of the first evening. Significantly more spice on the palate. A nice wine, but one that would have been better served from a decanter or left in the cellar for a while longer.

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