Krack - Freundeskreis 2015

Accompanying the beef burger we have a 2015 Grande Cuvée Freundeskreis by Sekthaus Krack from Deidesheim.

Normally I would drink beer with my burger, but there was none in the house this time. Via confusing chains of associations from briochebun to brioche arome the choice fell on something with bubbles in it. And so we are having the Grande Cuvée Freundeskreis from Sekthaus Krack, which was already at the top of the tasting list anyway. Out of the tasting package of the winery there were already other sparkling wines in our glasses and everything was really good. Here we now have the top of the collection. And to get that off my chest, I think the label design is really cool. The Sekt, a cuvée of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, has matured on the lees in the bottle for 36 months. That is 3 full years before it is disgorged as Brut Nature, which means without any additional sweetness.

The sparkling wine smells of ripe pears, has indeed a light brioche note, which I am very certain must come from the glass and not from the oven and it is very fresh and somehow also floral. The bubbles feel great when drinking, they are really fine and the mouthfeel is supported by a nicely integrated acidity, citrus fruit, and a comforting fullness. If I had to criticize then that it could last a bit longer on the tongue, it tastes so good and then it disappeared a bit too quickly.

All this goes very well with the burger, the acidity and the bubbles harmonise excellently with the briochebun and the smoky bacon. Who wants to drink beer anyway? As a small side note it should not be neglected that the bottle of Sauvignon Blanc II from von Winning in the background with light green notes and a lot of passion fruit also fitted nicely. Not the biggest fan of Sauvignon Blanc, but for dinner it was a very solid combination.

Back to the sparkling wine: If you consider how much wine you get for 20 Euros directly from the winery, then you should put a case of it in the cellar and see what a few years will do to it. It drinks nicely, is really fun and still complex enough to not be boring at all.

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