Maximin Grünhaus - Abtsberg Superior

From the Ruwer we drink an off-dry Abtsberg Superior from the winery Maximim Grünhaus harvested in 2016.

A not quite dry wine from a Grosse Lage vineyard, that’s what we had not too long ago here, and right, again from the same area and again with a little sugar. Today, however, from the Ruwer and from the monopoly Abtsberg vineyard made by the Maximin Grünhaus winery. Only the year remains the same, again it’s 2016. The Maximin Grünhaus winery owns three monopol sites: the Herrenberg, the Abtsberg and the Bruderberg. The soil in the Abtsberg is blue Devonian slate in a steep southern exposure. The wines are fermented spontaneously and with the Superior we have the top of the winery’s quality pyramid in the off-dry range in the glass. But now to the wine.

The first scent is a nose full of golden-yellow fruits, stone fruit, yellow jelly. Already juicy while smelling with beautiful herbal spice and minerality, but hardly any flint. Very full on the nose and with a lot of power. In the mouth even more of the spice we smelled already, there is a lot of extract and therefore structure on the palate and especially at the back of the tongue the spice remains long after swallowing. This wine has power on the tongue. Grapefruit notes, very complex and with great acidity as balance to the sugar. The wine is very clear, and even though being on the low side with 11.5 percent alcohol quite powerful. This is so fresh and exciting that the bottle empties fast.

Like the last off-dry Mosel Riesling, ok, here Ruwer, but not far apart, it works great along different cheeses. Good bread, a cheese plate and a bottle of this. Great evening! I immediatly reordered some.

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