Dr. Loosen - Ürziger Würzgarten Kabinett

Still in Moselmood we are drinking an Ürziger Würzgarten Kabinett from 2017 made by Dr. Loosen. Served aside a bowl of Umami.

Still in kind of a Moselmood, there was no other way than to place another bottle from there on the table. The choice fell on a Ürziger Würzgarten Kabinett from 2017 from the Dr. Loosen winery. We didn’t make it there at Mythos Mosel, but that doesn’t matter. And because residual sweet Riesling goes well with something spicy, there is a cooking tip to serve along with the wine. But let’s start with the wine.

In the nose there is bright yellow fruit paired with subtle spice. In the mouth you taste fresh, juicy oranges mixed with other citrus fruits. After the first sip, these citrus notes are added to the nose. The wine has a crisp acidity which is the perfect counterpart to the residual sugar. Mosel Kabinett as it should be. Strong and yet elegant with a lot of pull and structure of the extract on the tongue. In the course of the evening with air and temperature comes more minerality, more stone, almost stinks a bit, gets a nice flint stone note and at the same time the fruit becomes more and more ripe and sweet in the nose. I would have loved to try the wine again a day later, but the pleasantly low 8% alcohol and the flow of drinking put a damper on my plans.

And, of course, the food, to which it suited perfectly. On warm days I like to eat something asian with a little spiciness. You sweat like a pig, but somehow the heat is easier to bear afterwards. I have a favorite recipe for such and other days from the great cookbook “My Japanese Cuisine” by Stevan Paul: Mabodon. Tofu in minced meat sauce with ginger, garlic, chili sauce, soy sauce and miso. An umami bomb with different textures. Sure, not the most beautiful food you have ever seen. But incredibly delicious and quickly cooked. To eat, the spice in the wine really shines, residual sugar and acidity harmonize perfectly with the umami and the spiciness, citrus fruits become even stronger, you taste limes, grapefruit, simply great!

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