Griesel - Pinot Zero

After the champagne we drink a vintner Sekt: From Sekthaus Griesel & Compagnie we are having a Pinot Zero

As already noted last time, it does not have to be champagne all the time. After all, there is also really good Sekt from smaller wineries. On the way home from last year’s trip to the Mosel we passed Bensheim. That was a perfect opportunity to stop by Griesel & Compagnie, after we had read and heard a lot of positive things before. Luckily someone was home and we had a chance to try out all the products. We didn’t pay attention for a moment, and suddenly we had 9 more bottles in the trunk. Of course, this is also due to the fact that every tasted sparkling wine was exciting and delicious with the clear style that Niko Brandner pursues in the winery.

But the sparkling wine today was not part of the purchase at that time. The Pinot Zero is a special bottling for a retailer that came in a subscription surprise package. Just like the representative from Champagne last time a Blanc de Noir. But this time not solely made from Pinot Noir, but a Cuvee with Pinot Meunier in the mix. The sparkling wine does not have a dosage, hence the zero in its name. All Griesel sparkling wines are allowed to take their time on the lees, which is of course also the case with the Pinot Zero.

As always, the nose into the glass first. Initially a lot of fruit, apple and pear with a pleasantly tart note. With time and air an idea of raspberry lemonade comes to light in between. I don’t really want to write it, it sounds so much like a simple terrace rosé from which we couldn’t be further away here, and yet there is raspberry and there is also lemonade. The sparkling wine, although almost without sugar, shows its sweet note here. Interesting, especially because you can’t feel it in your mouth.

On the tongue it is nice and juicy. Much juicier than the french sparkling wine representative the week before. With a lot of fullness and a nice softness, it still develops a lot of pull on the palate. And then a light note of currants, was it perhaps that in the nose? Black currant fizz? Not important at all, the mouthfeel is simply great, because you can tell that it has been on the lees for a long time with every sip, everything is soft, creamy and yet with a certain bite. Certainly not as elegant as the colleague from Champagne. Not so light-footed, but full, very straightforward and if I had to decide, I think the stop in Bensheim on the next Mosel trip is a must.

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