Blank Canvas - Pinot Noir

Pinot from the opposite side of the world

If you feel like opening something nice, but it shouldn’t be a Riesling, then it can happen that wine from the opposite side of the world ends up in your glass. The choice was a Pinot Noir from the Blank Canvas winery harvested in 2014. Blank Canvas grows its grapes mainly around Blenheim in the Marlborough area. Beautiful spot they have there. The philosophy of the winery is to capture this heritage in the bottle. If you’ve been there before, you know that this is no easy task with this kind of origin.

The wine immediately captivates with a lot of red fruit in the nose. Red berries and a cool aroma mix with earthy notes and some forest soil. The mouthfeel is dominated by fresh, cool fruit, underlaid with a soft tannin structure. It reminds of Linzertorte, is long, very elegant and much too young. Nevertheless, one can already drink it with great pleasure. Open early enough and best of all pour into the carafe. With air it becomes softer and rounder and the great mixture of fruit, earth, acidity and coolness really blossoms. Great wine far away from fat jam and tannin bomb.

On the second day it has lost nothing of its freshness. It is still full of red berries with a touch of vanilla, wood and the wonderful mould of moist forest soil.

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